Brian Horne NATS Great Lakes Region Govenor
voice and many fine independent teachers in Indiana. It is my
passionate hope that everyone one of these fine teachers
would be a proud member of Indiana NATS, as I am. NATS
offers the opportunity to network, learn, and compare notes.
But most importantly, it offers our students the opportunity to
prepare for an audition, sing their hearts out, and take the
consequences whatever they are. Win or not win, they receive
comments from various professionals and have the
opportunity to put themselves “on the line,” learning to deal
with performance anxiety, disappointment, triumph, and a host
of other factors for the very low cost of registration. I have taken
students to state NATS every year that I’ve been in Indiana and
nearly every year of my 26 years as a member of NATS. In my
opinion, the best way to prepare for serious competitions with
a lot at stake – such as the Metropolitan Opera National
Council Auditions or the NATS Artist Awards Competition -  is
to take part in competitions in which there isn’t so much at
stake when one is young. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity for
teachers to renew friendships year after year.

In this message you will find a link to the Fall 2014 issue of the Inter
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We hope you enjoy this issue and the many important topics it
spotlights. From working with senior singers, to how to effectively
hear what your students are saying, to an important list of hazards
when working with choirs, Associate Editor Nancy Bos has compiled
important information to aid independent studio teachers and other
music professionals. In addition, many details are presented about
the exciting 53rd NATS National Conference, which was held in
Boston this past summer. There is also news about the newest
NATS resources - Vocapedia and the NATS Live Learning Center.
There is so much exciting news to share!

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